What is “Alcachofa de España”?

“Alcachofa de España” focuses its efforts on making visible the virtues of a crop that is part of Spain’s agronomic culture and is also a key element in many dishes of the Mediterranean diet: the artichoke.

Farmers, fruit and vegetable companies, processing industries, shops and restaurants in Spain, united since 15 October 2014, work together under this label to demonstrate that Spanish artichokes, besides being a delight to eat, are packed with health benefits.


The artichokes from Spain go beyond the mere gastronomic use. They help the development of the Spanish agricultural industry and they defend the efforts of all those that work in this crop and promote healthy eating habits.


Join us!

With all heart

Position Name Company
President Antonio Galindo García Soy y Tierra Campo de Cartagena
Vice president Pedro Herrera Vigueras Conservas El Raal, S.L.U.
Secretary Fernando Pedro Gómez Molin Proexport
Treasurer Margarita Guilló Durá Asociación Alcachofa de la Vega Baja
Board member Enrique Castel-Ruiz Calvo SAT 562NA Frutas y Verduras Castel Ruiz
Board member Francisco Manuel Ramos Fuentes SAT Hortoventas nº 4534
Board member Joaquín Ortuño Plaza SAT Ole nº 9890

In this photo you can see all those who are part of our management board. We would love to have you in the photo with them, too. So, if you are interested in joining the association “Alcachofa de España”, you can download the form you will find below and send it to us to this email address: alcachofa@alcachofa.es

Categories Entities
Professional partner Production, handling, processing, trading distribution and service companies related to the artichoke industry.
Collaboration partner Industry associations, Protected Designations of Origin, Protected Geographical Indications, corporate entities, public administrations and institutions, media and companies in general involved in the dissemination of the Association’s activities.
Member company Companies or company associations having an interest in the purposes of the Association and wanting to support it on the basis of a cooperation agreement. They shall not be considered as partners.
Supporter Those natural persons who, on a individual basis, share the objectives and purposes of the association. They shall not have the status of partners.

And if you are already a partner, you can download here the usage manual of our brand.